why the bridge building analogy fails and the war analogy succeeds from Effective UI Book

Ich habe ein kurzen Text aus einem Buch abgetippt. Es beschreibt die Situation/Prozess der Softwareentwicklung. Hier bei handelt es sich um Softwareentwicklung für Lösungen die von Menschen bedient werden. Das Buch Effective UI kann ich nur empfehlen bis jetzt. Es geht weniger um gutes Design, als gute Software. Grade im Bereich Web und Mobile kann das Buch einigen Entwicklerinnen und Entwicklern helfen. Das Besondere ist, dass es nicht wie andere Bücher bla bla nur über hochtrabende Methoden spricht und wie alles Apfel Like wird. Es behandelt das Thema schon recht pragmatisch und richtet sich an Entwicklungs-Teams in Unternehmen oder auch SE-Consultants.

To demonstrate how uncertainty and the unknown are inevitable components of a software development project, we`ll examine why the bridge building analogy fails and the war analogy succeeds. But even with the aid of analogies, it`s extremely difficult to explain why uncertainty and the unknown are unavoidable to someone who’s never been in the trenches of a software development project. Much of the understanding comes from seeing how design, creativity, and inspiration factor into every aspect of building an application. It also comes from having seen how false certainty, and the demand for it, can cause failure and lead to poorly designed products. It`s difficult to explain or prove this fact expect to state it this way for now: you understand your project far less than you think you do.

And so do your stakeholders, by the way. For your project to be successful, you need to cultivate in yourself and in your stakeholders a certain humility and a recognition that, for as much as you know, you know very little, and that the essence of the project is to investigate and solve a complex problem and not simply to implement a known solution. Embracing this humility of unknowing isn`t a resignation to defeat or admission of weakness, but rather is a state of wisdom required to allow you to succeed.


Everything required to design a bridge to a valley is knowable in advance and can be planned to an extremely high level of accuracy before construction begins. All of the important goals, variables, and constraints can be accurately obtained before design begins.


Once those key considerations have been discovered, the design of the project begins and can be entirely completed before construction starts. With accurate and complete design in hand, construction is then all about ensuring the pieces all come together as designed. Construction is not concerned with any remaining questions about design and isn`t burdened by the risk that the design will change during the course of construction.

By contrast, a general preparing for a battle can estimate the strength and disposition of his forces, the resources and capabilities available to him, the attitudes an aptitudes of his commanders in the field, the lay of the battlefield, the strategic goals of the battle, the state of the enemy`s forces, and the parameters for success. He also has history and personal experience to help him intuit how events will unfold. Based on this knowledge, he can formulate a plan for the battle.

But this plan, no matter how carefully devised, is inherently incomplete and imprecise. It is wholly premised on estimates of the conditions before the battle and entirely ignorant of the unforeseen conditions that arise during the battle. These unforeseen conditions are based as much on vagaries of weather, emotion, chance, and uncertainty as they are on even the best-laid plan. This reality is the basis for the famous quote:

No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. – Helmut von Moltke

The same is true for software development. No matter how well you think you understand the domain and no matter how earnestly you`ve thought through the requirements, there is still great uncertainty in the original facts ans premises and a vast depth of the unknown still awaiting you. As with battle, the outcome will be determined at least as much by what comes during the course of the project as by what comes before it.


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